The only association that registers “Kru” (Master/Teacher) of Muaythai and Muay boran as an Internationally recognised grading structure.

Accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Culture.


Kru Muaythai Association together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand have successfully hosted the World Wai kru ceremony for the 14th consecutive year running, as celebration for “Nai Kanomtom day”, a muay thai legend and hero.

Muay Thai followers from all over the globe will gather here for a specular muay thai day.

Booths selling muay thai and traditional Thai souvenirs, live muay thai fights, the grand wai kru ram muay ritual and dance ceremony, then followed by a free dinner and amazing muay thai show for the muay thai practitioners dressed in traditional muay boran clothing.

The event is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Kru Muay Thai Association.

Held annually, every March 17th in the ancient city of Ayuthaya.