Assistant Master Kostas Theodoulou

Khan Grade: 13

Rama Camp




Telephone +306942617357


Kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou born in Athens on 04.07.1983. He began his involvement with Muay Thai at the age of 15 years and more specifically he began to evolve more on the art of Muay Thai after graduating from secondary school, where he managed to be introduced at the highest technological educational institution in Larissa on business administration. At that time, he managed to get transcribed for the TEI of Athens and alongside his studies he began training, traveling and reading about the art of 9 limbs. From then he began rising level and taking part in professional competitions in various international events both in Greece and abroad, while completing the course of study at the TEI of Athens. Three consecutive years from 2005 to 2007 he became the Greek champion in the category of 75 kg, and alongside his fighting carrier he founded Rama camp. In 2008 he received the award for the best technique and he won the world title in a tournament in honor of General Tienchai Sirisumpan.

Having traveled several times in Thailand, he joined the family of Grand Master Sane Tubtimtong managing to rise even higher, reaching 13th khan from the Kru Muay Thai Association becoming kru Yai and won than once the WPMF kings and queen cup with knock out (2009 and 2011) in Thailand. At the same time, he participated in several seminars and demonstrations on traditional Muay Thai (muay Boran) along with the Grand Master Sane as assistant, promoting the dissemination of art. In 2011 kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou became champion and holder of USMTA zone. In 2013 in his last fight in Thailand he fought against Kongfark Sitpornsak, where Kru Yai Kostas won him and then he hung his fight gloves and began to train and educate young men and women athletes-champions on the art of Muay Thai. Alongside his career in championship, kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou holds A’ class diploma, from school Muay Thai Coach of Greek Federation of Thai boxing and referee-judge diploma from WBC (World Boxing Council for Muay Thai). Furthermore, he is a certified connoisseur of thai relaxing and therapeutic massage by Phetchaburi school in Thailand and by the Union of Thai traditional medicine Society.

Finally, the ultimate purpose of kru Yai Kostas Theodoulou is with the cooperation and guidance of his teachers from Thailand, but also from the Ministry of Sport and Education of Thailand to highlight the art of Muay Thai in all its forms, from sport, art, culture and lifestyle.

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