Name: Jose Maria Salvador Spampinato
Examination Date: 14/08/2014 by Grand Master Woody, Grand Master Kevin Lloyd and Assistant Grand Master Pornkaew Limmongkolchaikul
Email: Tel: Italy +393398266550
Club/School: Audace Boxe
Practicing Martial Arts for 42 Years
Instructor of Formal Training and Combat Training in the Italian Army in 1977.
Karate Instructor – (Fijlkam) Coni Black Belt IV Dan 1994
Instructor of Weightlifting and Physical Culture (Fijlkam) Coni 1994
Instructor of Jiu Jitsu (Fijlkam) Coni Black Belt III Dan 2002
Instructor of Muay Thai and Muay Boran with a Diploma Recognized By the Thai Ministry of Sports
Instructor of Schoot Boxing or Mma (WKA)
Instructor of Kick Boxing
Coach Boxing (FPI) Coni Year 2004
Instructor of Body Building and Fitness (NABBA) 1995
Diploma in Water Rescue (FIN) Coni 2003
Responsible for Italy Kru Muay Thai Federation
Exams Muaythai:
Trainee Instructor 24/04/1995; Membership N° 07 IAMTF Certificate
Qualified Instructor (Kru); Membership N° 07 14/07/2000 IAMTF Certificate
Senior Instructor (Kru); Membership N° 07 14/07/2002 IAMTF Certificate
Recognized Khan 13 Muay Thai and Muay Boran By Grand Master Woody 15/08/2014 KMA and WMBF.
Experience: Karate – Jujitsu Box And Muay Thai

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