Giuseppe Prandel

Membership Expires: 19 September 2018

Address: Via Claudia Augusta 4, Levico Terme – Trento    Italy

Email: Tel: 0039 3334256395

Camp or School at Present: Lions Fight Gym Trento

Past Experience:  Giuseppe Prandel started training Muay Thai in 1998. He Became a Trainer in

  1. Instructor Xi Khan in 2012 with Kru Suphan. Muay Thai Teacher Xii Khan in 2015 with Grand Master Chinawut Sirisompan.

1995 To 1997- Studied Quan Ki Do (Kung Fu Cino – Vietnan)

1997 To 2001- Studied Kali Philippine / Kick Boxing / Thai Boxe.

2001- Coach Of Fitness I° Level For C.S.E.N.

2001- Coach in Kick Boxing – Thai Boxe for C.S.E.N.

2003- Instructor of Mae Mai Muay Thai of Sritrairat for Ikka.

2005- Coach of Thai Boxe for F.I.M.T.

2008- Teacher of Kick Boxing – Thai Boxe for W.F.C.

2008-09- Studied the 10 Khan and Became Xi° Khan of Academia Muay Thai.

2009- Teacher of K1 Kick Boxing for K.L.

2010- Aspirant Technical of Boxe for F.I.P

2012- Confirmed Xi° Khan under Kru Suphan and Grand Mater Woody of KMA

2001 To 2008- Played 22 Fight in Kick Boxing,Thai Boxe (Without Elbow) And Muay Thai Full Rules (With Elbow).

Also Coach I° Level of Krav Maga; Teacher of Kali Escrima; Coach I° Level of MMA

Has Participated in KMA course with Kru Suphan Chabairam at National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

In Italy I Studied Also With:

From 2004 – To 2005 with Teacher of Muay Thai Somyos Chaiadet at Milan.

In 2003 – 2004 – 2005 I Studied Mae Mai Muay Thai and Krabi Krabong with Master Valerio Zadra

In Thailand I Studied:

In 2004 at Phetchrungrueang Camp, Pattaya – 1 Month.

In 2005–2006 at Muay Thai Institute, Rangsit – 20 Days.

In 2005 at the Sityodtong Camp, Pattaya – 7 Days.

In 2008 at Wmc Camp, Ko Samui, 1 Month.

In 2010 I Studied Krabi Krabong with Kru Neung at Katsetsart University BKK and in his house- 1 Month

In 2012 at Chakrit Camp, BKK- 10 Times.

In 2012 at National Stadium, BKK with Kru Suphan Chabairam- 10 Hours.