Nick Sena

Nick grew up in Venice Beach, California, USA.  He began learning martial arts in his formative years, focusing on MuayThai and Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu.

Around the age of 13, Nick lost his way and began associating with the local gang members of his rough neighborhood.

In 2003, at the age of 19, he was sent to prison. He soon realized that he had lost his way and decided to change his life and better himself through the Martial Arts.

In 2006 KRU Nick disassociated himself from the gang and dedicated his life to his passion for the martial art sciences, most significantly, the noble art of Muay Thai Boran.  He commenced daily intense physical training coupled with exhaustive academic study of all things related to martial arts, focusing primarily on Thai studies. This included Thai history, culture, language, religion, and martial traditions. After many years of study, and thousands of hours of training, along with experience in countless life and death combat situations, he developed an ability to apply the techniques under real life conditions. In 2013 he reached out to Grand Master Chinawut “Woody” Sirisompan.

Nick shared his life story with him and numerous videos demonstrating his physical skills and reports which elucidated his academic knowledge of Muay Thai Boran. Following consistent interaction with Nick, in 2014, Grand Master Woody accepted him as his disciple and awarded him with the rank of Khan 10.  In 2016, he awarded Nick with the rank of Khan 11 and then after 4 years, under the guidance of Grand Master Woody, he awarded Nick with the rank of Khan 12 and title of Kru Muay Thai Boran.This is KRU Nick’s greatest honor and achievement in his life thus far and he plans to continue on this path of success and achievement.

KRU Nick continues to learn from his BramAjahn Woody and is dedicated to becoming a top scholar of Muay Thai Boran.  He is currently writing a book on Muay Thai Boran with Grand Master Woody’s blessings and support.  He plans to live in Bangkok, Thailand to continue under the mentor-ship of Grand Master Woody as soon as possible.